Yesterday evening, my youngest daughter and I took a little photowalk around the neighborhood. Daylight was beginning to fade. The slush in the streets slowly starting to freeze. My daughter explaining the rule of thirds to me and somehow claiming the Leica as her own.

We made a big, slow loop around the neighborhood. Not very far. Maybe 10 blocks but it took us a decent amount of time. There was no hurry. This was about looking. About seeing.

Piper’s explanation to me about the rule of thirds was dead on. When I showed her the grid overlay for the LCD on the camera, she squealed. We talked about leading lines, balancing composition with objects or contrast and patterns.

She ran around setting up shots. Organizing rocks into patterns. Highlighting the ones of different colors. Astute neighbors may have noticed a subtle change this morning along their driveways. She recognized shapes in the water stains on the fences.

I watched. Made a few images. Used the time to orient myself to a new camera body and experiment with video.

We haven’t had a chance to review her images yet but we will later this afternoon. I took a quick peek and, focus issues aside, there are some pleasant compositions. Granted, there is plenty of randomness too but that is expected.

Still don’t know how the Leica became hers…