This past weekend was Classical Ballet of Colorado's performance of The Nutcracker. I've had the honor of photographing this show for the past few years and the level of talent never ceases to amaze me. These kids are nothing short of incredible.

The actual show was performed twice last Saturday however, I always cover the tech rehearsal process. I am not a theatre person. I know very little about the goings on behind the curtain. The rehearsal process is so different from anything that I know that the documentarian/photojournalist side of me needs to be there. It is painstakingly exacting. It is dedication. Dedication to the art. To the craft. Art in motion.

That kind of became a theme for me over the weekend. Convey motion in a still image.

But, before I could get to that we had some friends from the Denver Fire Department come visit us at the theatre. Nothing better than evacuating a theatre full of kids in full costume out into 20 degree weather. DFD gave us the all clear not too long after showing up and things were back in full swing.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch.

Saturday started off with a warm-up class followed by a quick run through of the whole show. Adjustments were made. A tweak here. One there. Small break followed by two shows, afternoon and evening.

The kids were stunning. The two guest artists from the Georgia Ballet, Courtney and Francisco, while struggling a bit with the altitude, were also amazing. 

I have nothing but utmost respect for the effort and dedication that everyone puts into this show. Here's a small gallery with some of my favorites from the weekend.