So, it's that time of year where the rollers need dusted off. This winter I want to try and train a little differently while in the basement. I've been a huge fun of the Sufferfest videos for awhile and they've proven to be a great winter training tool. However, I want to do more while at the same time being smarter about it.

Last week, I picked up a new bike computer, a Wahoo Elemnt, to add heart rate back into my workouts. I've been riding without HR for the past couple of years. It'll be nice to have it back. The Elemnt does a bunch of other stuff as well. Pairs with my phone, GPS and a Strava connection are just a few. The phone pairing allows for software updates along with displaying texts, calls and voicemails on the computer. That I don't want. My rides are my escapes so I won't be using that feature.

This morning, I added the Sufferfest app to my iPad since it will connect to both Bluetooth and ANT+ devices. Curious as to what kind of ride I'd get, I jumped on the rollers for some experimenting.

The app connects to Strava, just like the Elemnt, for uploading your rides. I'm having a few issues with the Elemnt app on my phone so I haven't been able to upload any rides directly from the computer yet. The app crashes while entering my WiFi password. Waiting on a response from Wahoo's support as to how to get that working.

In the past, I've just played the Sufferfest videos through the AppleTV so I could watch them through our theater system rather than staring at the laptop or iPad. With the app, I just connected the iPad to the AppleTV through AirPlay. The screen is cropped a bit on the left and right but it isn't a problem.

As you can see, I'm having a few connection issues with the Wahoo sensors. The app couldn't find the cadence or HR sensors but it did find the speed sensor. Scratching my head a bit on that one. I might pick up Wahoo's ANT+ dongle to see if that makes a difference rather than relying on Bluetooth.

With the speed sensor, that app calculates a virtual power number which is the blue one in the upper right. For what I need it's plenty accurate and saves me a ton of cash for a real power meter. Looking forward to seeing how having that number changes my training. 

We'll see how this goes.