Been awhile since I've written anything, at least publicly, and that's poor form. Sometimes life just gets nutty. In the immortal words of Riff Raff, "It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll." Speaking of Riff Raff, I'm long overdue for a Rocky Horror showing. 

But that's a tangent.

A couple of days ago, I had a headshot session with Valerie. She's a recent transplant to Denver and needed some new images for a Denver portfolio. We traded a few emails, got clothing and colors lined up then needed to find a location. I went for a walk.

Within a few hundred feet of the house, I found a couple of spots that we could use and tweak to specific moods. One of these spots I had used before for my daughter but the others I hadn't tried. We still have plenty of color in the leaves but I just needed the weather to hold.

There was no reason to fret about the weather. It's been a spectacular month here in Denver. Warm and dry during the day, cool in the evenings. 

Everything worked out great. My oldest daughter did a little assisting. Valerie was amazing. Lots of laughs. I wish her continued success on her acting career.